Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Real Tuesday Weld - You're Gonna Live...

Very pleased this video is finally up to watch!  I first saw it at The Real Tuesday Weld's Halloween show last year (October 29th at the Westminster Reference Library, a great gig).  Such a Lovely film, made by their bassist Don Brosnan, and the song itself is one of my all-time faves.  As I said in my review of their The Last Werewolf:

There are few songs that actually manage to pull if off (to me, Pulp’s “Glory Days” is the prime example), to synthesize all of life’s seemingly conflicting components – ecstatic love and soulnumbing dejection, the wonder of being alive and the despair of also being so, the joy of hope and disappointment too bitter, along with every other possible feeling, realizing and transcending them in one huge triumphant YES!  With such force behind it feeling like it could last forever.   The Real Tuesday Weld have given us (for it is always a gift) their contribution to this elite canon with “You’re Gonna Live”.

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