Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dracula's Daughter - Candy...

I love this song. It used to come on my ipod and until one day when I bothered to look at the screen, I assumed it was from some obscure 60s girl group comp I had. It is of course one of the made-up bands that Bill Drummond and Mark Manning invented to soundtrack their Bad Wisdom trip. An incredibly entertaining book, as is 45, which I wish I had here with me because I remember him writing about them in it.  But from 17, it says ""Dracula's Daughter were four Andy-Warhol-meets-indie-art-school girls and one of them wore glasses. We fancied them.  Especially the keyboard player who wore woollen skirts and woollen tights."  The whole story behind this soundtrack is fascinating and laudable.  I won't spoil it here by attempting to summarize it.  Read 45 and you'll find it and much more to be highly delighted by.

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