Wednesday, 15 February 2012

David Lee Roth's videos...

I showed these to Soph last night and she commented, "This explains a lot about how you became the way you are".  I love these songs and I love these videos.  They were SO EXCITING when they came out.  And I don't think anyone's ever made videos this great before.  A very bizarre world, that's all David Lee Roth.  I can't think of anything else they have to do with or relate to so it must be all that man's unique vision.

First up, Van Halen's Hot For Teacher.  Which I think is the greatest video ever made.  Such a killer song too.  Eddie once called it "a boogie beyond anything" which pretty much nails it.  The drumming and guitarwork is still incredibly impressive.

Then Dave's first two solo videos, before we knew he'd left VH.  I had that Dave TV shirt when I was 10 : )

California Girls:

Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody:

Yankee Rose.  The video that made me want to start playing guitar.  When I saw it in July 1986 I thought Steve Vai making his guitar "talk" was the coolest thing ever.

Going Crazy:

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