Sunday, 5 February 2012

Van Halen..

The new Van Halen album is coming out tomorrow (well, in the UK, Tuesday in the States. I'm lucky enough to be in the UK and hear it a day early).  I've been waiting 27 years for this.  To say that I've hoped this would happen every day during that time would only be a slight exaggeration.  So in preparation, here's a pop song off each of the first 6 records.

Feel Your Love Tonight from Van Halen:

Dance The Night Away from Van Halen II:

In A Simple Rhyme from Women And Children First.  Great version from 1976 here.

So This Is Love? from Fair Warning:

Little Guitars from Diver Down:

And of course Jump from 1984 (I still get chills hearing the intro) :

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