Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Go Kart Mozart - New World In The Morning...

It's always funny, and great, that songs come along just when you need them to.  Saw Lawrence Of Belgravia last night.  Really enjoyed it.  I've always loved Go Kart Mozart's insanely catchy songs, and was a big Denim and Felt as well.  I hadn't realized that the Go Kart Mozart lettering came from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack cover, and in the Q&A afterwards Lawrence told us how Shampoo were his idea and the two songs he wrote for them were left off their million-selling Japanese album because the bike that picked up the tracks from the studio got stuck in traffic.  The film was really well shot, funny, and a few things really hit home.  The last slow pull-away shot with the quote "No one has come as far as I have and not made it" was incredibly poignant.

Go Kart Mozart released an excellent electronic version of Roger Whittaker's New World In The Morning on 7" for Record Store Day.  It really is rather wonderful.  (sound quality not great on video, but here it is on Spotify).

Roger Whittaker's original.

Oh, and Lawrence also mentioned that Felt covered Wire's Outdoor Miner live a few times.  Found a version here from April 1, 1988, Teatro Rivoli, Porto, Portugal.

Trailer for Lawrence Of Belgravia:

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