Monday, 28 May 2012

It's The Taking Part That Counts compilation...

No posts in the last two weeks as I've been in America.  But I did get two reviews done - Where It's At Is Where You Are's It's The Taking Part That Counts compilation and Words And Music By Saint Etienne.  There's a blog up for the WIAIWYA comp. here, posting a new song from it each week, with Saint Etienne's lead-off track being featured this week.  Steeplechase is gorgeous, "60s-esque in a different way than usual for them, this cinematic and slinky instrumental is gorgeous.  Bass and keyboard line propel things forward, in turns and then together, before a completely incongruous distorted guitar enters, taking the song into an entirely more intense and vivid realm, giving a sense of soaring over depths. If you’re a fan of St Et obscurities, this is one you should definitely have. "  And check out the cool board game sleeve for it.  

Another highlight is Hong Kong In The 60s' Let's Play Table Tennis.  "Beginning with a lovely staccato major key melody, it slips into a charming lushness before the vocal comes in, cute and lazy, giving a sense of daydreamingly watching an indoor match on a sunny afternoon. "

I was really impressed with the glorious synthpop of Parenthesis...'  Synthesized Swimming.

Flotation Toy Warning deliver a lovely piece, the cleverly-named The Buoys Are Back In Town.

Alexander's Festival Hall gives us some of that shimmering upbeat electronic pop he's known for with Judo (What We've Been Playing).

And Darren Hayman's Bundle is a nice slice of garage rock with a freeform middle 8 and great harmony guitars kicking the end up a notch. 

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