Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Even As We Speak...

Ah, Even As We Speak.  Just thinking about them brings a smile to my face and a soft pleased sigh.  My favourite of the Sarah Records bands.  That last e.p. of theirs is such blissful POP perfection.  And Drown, WOW Drown.  Hard to imagine a better song, it evokes everything Pop should be.  I'd never seen this excellent video before:

Getting Faster is my other favourite (from that last e.p., Sarah 79).  Filled with such a great playful spirit, wonderfully fun and coyly-smiling romantic:

(All You Find Is) Air:

Blue Suburban Skies:

Love Is The Answer, my favourite from their Feral Pop Frenzy full-length (Sarah 614).  I remember being SO EXCITED when I finally found this album in 1999 after years of looking.

Mary now does Her Name In Lights, which is a great band name.


  1. Blue Eyes Deceiving Me EP is a masterpiece so I bought 2 copies - it contains all the elements of everything that is great in POP and is still one of my favourite singles of all time. I first discovered them through their New Order cover but I soon found out there was so much more to them. I asked Mary if she would be interested in doing a TVP cover for our tribute series but at the time she couldn't - it would have been great.

  2. It is indeed a masterpiece! 2 copies - Nice : )

    Oh, that cover would've been ace!