Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Replacements - Tim...

Yesterday Eddie Argos linked to Red Red Wine On A Sunday's post about The Replacements' gloriously fun appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1986 and I've been listening to them non-stop since, reminded of what a genius songwriter Paul Westerberg is.  And what an incredible album Tim is.  One of my favourite all-time records, worth it just for side 2 alone.  Such great pop songs as shown with Bastards Of Young and Kiss Me On The Bus on SNL.  It also contains Left Of The Dial, which I've always felt is just such an Important Song, especially to anyone who's ever made music:

This is from the Shit Shower & Shave live compilation, as unfortunately YouTube doesn't have the album version.

Following that on the record is the just-as-great Little Mascara:

Closing with the heart-wrenching Here Comes A Regular:

Can't Hardly Wait was also recorded for Tim, with Bob Stinson on guitar (and some great guitarwork too!) and different lyrics.  Phenomenal song and performance, throughout you just feel that it really matters.  That little change-up of the riff at 1:30 & 2:20 always gets me.

A re-recorded, more radio-friendly version later showed up on Pleased To Meet Me Doesn't come close to matching the intensity of the Tim-recording, but still quite a great pop song:

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