Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy Birthday David Bowie!...

Happy 65th Birthday David Bowie!  One of the greatest ever artists and songwriters, your work is invaluable.  Tempted to post my favourite 65 Bowie songs but don't have the time so we'll go with my 6 favourites (off the top of my head) and then 5 more.

My absolute favourite, Time is astounding beautiful:

From his "1980 Floor Show" (filmed in 1973):

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, July 3, 1973:

Station To Station is also wonderful, its epic breadth and breath.  One of my favourite moments in all of music is the part that begins at 5:20, from "Once there were mountains..." to "...connect me with love".  I just love the way he delivers the last line of each phrase.

Live 1976:

Lady Stardust:

Alternate Lady Stardust:

Lady Stardust demo:

A New Career In A New Town:

Life On Mars?:

Magic Dance:

Now 5 more...

Something In The Air came on my ipod the other day and I thought it was beautiful.  I really like his later records.  Live on Jools Holland:

The lovely Strangers When We Meet:

Speed Of Life:

Speed Of Life live in Dallas, 1978:

Diamond Dogs.  This has been played at Glamracket! lately, reminding me what a great rock n' roll song it is.

The wonderful Always Crashing In The Same Car:

And two songs that have come to my attention while I was writing this:

Bowie covering Simon & Garfunkel's America at the Concert For New York City:

Bowie covering John Lennon's Imagine:

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