Thursday, 21 April 2011

Chainsaw Kittens...

It was one of those magical moments.  Suburban America, 1991-1993, '120 Minutes' really was a way of finding out about some great bands.  Of course, we were devouring every possible source we could find to learn about music, old and new.  I was so very lucky to see the one time MTV played Suede's "Metal Mickey" and that event influenced the course of my life immensely.  And it was one such springtime night, approaching 2 AM on a Monday in 1992, that I was introduced to the Chainsaw Kittens.  Very tired and knowing I had to get up for school the next day, nevertheless I was soon wide awake as Tyson's scream kicked them into the verse of "Connie I've Found The Door".  Energetic, Powerful, Melodic, with one of those falsetto "Woo"s that I love in the second verse, Relentless; it was like a kiss that completely kicks your ass.

I immediately wrote down the name and couldn't wait to get the 'Flipped Out In Singapore' album (produced by Butch Vig).  Say what you will about Connecticut, we had some great record stores - Brass City Records and Phoenix Records in Waterbury, Trash American Style in Danbury, and Secret Sounds in Bridgeport  - and it was at this last shop, a little later that summer, I still remember finding the Kittens tape.

I kept up with the Kittens throughout the years.  They had what I love -  great songs, style, cool song titles ("Shannon's Fellini Movie", "Angels Self Destruct", "Pop Heiress Dies"), that perfect combination of ROCK and POP (heavy melodic guitars with a excellent voice).  It's a shame I can't find "Sore On The Floor" anywhere on the internet.  It's just a sonic blast of PURE AWESOMENESS, all the excitement of rolling around with someone you really fancy.  Here's the title track from, arguably, their best album, 'Pop Heiress':



  1. It's really great to read about people outside of Oklahoma being as floored by this band as we were then. High energy pop music at its absolute best....

    1. Thanks for your comment. Coming from Connecticut and Massachusetts, I know the feeling. Love the Kittens. And really digging Tyson's new stuff.