Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gwenno/Brontosaurus Chorus/Lucky Soul...

Another quick post today as it was a year ago on the 15th that I went on my first date with the lovely Sophia.  We went to see Gwenno/Brontosaurus Chorus/Lucky Soul at Cargo.  We've both been ill so we're celebrating today.

I've always loved Gwenno's (yes, Gwenno from The Pipettes ) solo stuff.  I've seen her live like 10 times now and the songs are all excellent.  I even traveled down to Brighon to see her first solo gig back in 2008 at the Moksha Cafe.  Can't seem to find much up on the internet any more, which is a shame, especially as "Lime Chordial" is dreamy loveliness, but there's two songs for download here , including "U & I":

And Brontosaurus Chorus are always fun.  Big (of course, there's 8 of them), melodic pop songs.  "Distortion Pop" was one of my favourite songs of 2007.  And check out guitarist Rob Britton's (also ex-Luxembourgace solo album (it's free, grab it!).

And Lucky Soul's "Lips Are Unhappy" was one of my favourite songs of 2006:

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