Monday, 18 April 2011

Kendra Smith/Hope Sandoval/Rainy Day...

My friend Val posted this over the weekend, which I thought was very interesting and lovely:

I had no idea Hope Sandoval was actually in Opal, but I guess there was some crossover before she and Dave Roback became Mazzy Star.

Been meaning to post about Kendra Smith, as I've loved her music ever since first hearing Opal's "Strange Delight".  Here's another one I'm very fond of, from her "Five Ways Of Disappearing Album":

And then there's the split 7" with Keith Levene & Hillel Slovak featuring the lovely, ethereal "Stille Im Meine Hamburg".  A 'holy grail' of sorts; I cherish my copy.  Found for only $4 at Brass City Records .  Rick Webb, who ripped this vinyl for me, pointed out that that's the way with holy grails - they take forever to find, but when you do, they're often not that expensive.

Which brings me to another one, the Rainy Day album , which I found at Trash American Style .  I'm not exactly sure why it hasn't been reissued but it's an amazing album of 60's covers.  Dave Roback's project featuring, amongst others,  Kendra Smith singing Big Star's "Holocaust" and Susannah Hoffs of The Bangles on The Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror" and, my favourite on the album, Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine":


  1. Any chance you could send me or post "stille im meine hamburg"? I would love to hear that one!

    1. Here you go!

  2. hello anyway to resend or upload this song i would love to finally hear it